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Kamer van Koophandel: 65541006

BTW-ID: NL002084251B62

Dupho | Mick de Jong photography

Photo Credit Policy


I appreciate your interest in using my photos on social media platforms (like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook for example).

If you choose to share my images, I kindly ask that you provide proper credit by mentioning my name and tag me in the post.

Example: Photo by: Mick de Jong ( @mickdejongphotography/




Photography has been a part of Mick's life since he was young. His interest in photography was sparked at an early age, significantly influenced by his father, who was a successful music photographer for Sony Music.

This early exposure to the world of photography and darkroom techniques helped shape his passion and expertise in the field.

Mick initially pursued studies and a career in marketing and sales, working in finance and telecommunications.

However, his enduring passion for photography eventually led him to transition into a full-time freelance photographer. ​ ​

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