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  • Event Photography

  • Corporate Photography

  • Portrait Photography

  • Automotive Photography

  • Wedding Photography  

  • Product & Location Photography

  • Travel Photography

  • Social Media Content Creation 

  • Drone Photography & 4k Videos 



Photography has been a part of Mick's life since he was young, strongly influenced by his father who had a successful career as a music photographer for a prominent record company. Growing up surrounded by cameras and the excitement of capturing and developing photos in the darkroom, it's no wonder that Mick's passion for photography continued to grow over the years, along with his equipment.

After studying in Amsterdam, Mick honed his skills in marketing and sales, working for finance and telecommunications companies. However, he always felt that a certain string was unplayed. Finally, he made the bold decision to follow his heart and become a full-time freelance photographer.


With a diverse portfolio, Mick showcases his versatility as an all-around photographer. Whether shooting in corporate settings, capturing the energy of live events, creating portraits, exploring the beauty of the automotive world, or capturing the raw emotions of music concerts, Mick brings his unique perspective and passion for photography to each project.

He is dedicated to capturing the essence of his subjects, telling their story through his lens.

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