Portrait on the Wall

What is Portrait on the Wall?


A portrait photographed by me / or a (usable) portrait provided by the customer by e-mail.


  • I place the portrait on a wall by means of a creative technique.

  • This creates the illusion that the portrait is actually depicted on the wall!

  • The "Portrait on the Wall" can be printed on dibond or on photo paper.

  • This print is a personal and original gift.



double- click on the photo

to see it in large format


Print on | dibond

25cm X 25cm

  • Portrait on the wall printed on dibond

  • Including aluminum frame on the back for hanging. When the dibond print hangs on the wall, this gives a floating effect.

€ 149


Print on | photo paper

50cm X 50cm | or 40cm X 50cm

  • Portrait on the wall printed on photo paper

€ 75



  • Gift to yourself!


  • Family occasions | A birthday, a family portrait, a child is born


  • As a gift | Give (alone or together) a portrait on the wall


  • Weddings / engagements | .... year married


  • A new home | A memory of an old house



  • A nice idea of ​​your own | please contact us

Business Opportunities | Portrait on the Wall


  • As an employer (alone or together with colleagues), give a Portrait on the Wall


  • An employee has been employed for ... years


  • An original promotional gift




Questions about branded possibilities | contact us.