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What is Dibond?


Dibond plates are light plates made up of 3 layers. The outer layers are made of 0.3 mm thick aluminum and the core is made of black plastic called polyethylene.

This guarantees maximum rigidity for the photos and has been used with the best results for years.




The photo is first printed in high resolution on premium photo paper (or on one of the special black and white paper types) before it is glued to 3 mm dibond.

Glued to the aluminum, the image remains very well protected against material deformation and the aluminum finish gives the photo an exclusive look.


  • Top quality photo print

  • Sturdy, dimensionally stable and durable

  • Sleek and modern design

  • Stable and very light

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Are the watermarks also printed on the photo?


No, these will of course not be printed on the photo.

I also find it a shame that it is necessary. Because a photo looks much nicer without a watermark.

But even though the photos on the website are in a much smaller format than the final dibond print, photos are nowadays very easily copied (stolen).


So a watermark on the website, but not on the final dibond print of course!




Is it possible to print the photos on materials other than dibond?


Yes, this is possible.


The photos can also be printed on, for example:

  • Hahnemüle FineArt paper

  • Lambda print | glue on 3mm forex to frame the photo and provide it with a mat

  • DecoTex


Please contact on the possibilities.




Is it possible to print the photos in other sizes?


Yes, this is possible.


Please contact on the possibilities.







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