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Herman Brood


Hermanus (Herman) Brood (Zwolle, November 5, 1946 - Amsterdam, July 11, 2001) was a Dutch singer, painter, pianist, actor and author.

Brood was distinguished by his distinctive singing voice and musical diversity.

He was the Dutch embodiment of the hedonistic credo Sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll. 

Four months before his fiftieth birthday, he committed suicide, with a farewell note in his pocket, by jumping from the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton hotel.


In 1984 he released the album The Brood which was well received. In the same year he recorded with Doe Maar singer Henny Vrienten the single Als je wint op, which ended up in the top 10 of the charts. In the years that followed, his career spread. Brood acted in a play and a feature film, but especially in his own life.


In the late nineties he performed in the theater with Bart Chabot and Jules Deelder with the performance Apocrief. He also became more and more active as a painter. He worked in a large format and with bright colors, his work being in the tradition of Cobra. In Leidschendam he decorated a parking garage with eight enormous murals that defined the street scene for years. The choice of primary colors was largely due to necessity, because he was color blind. He often applied letters to his work with black paint. The signature 'brood' often forms a striking part of the painting. Despite the use of color, the paintings have a somewhat sad appearance. Brood also remained active in music, but his albums from this period no longer reached the level of Shpritsz.

He became famous for his open statements in the press about sex and drug use.

He enjoyed all the attention and became the most famous hard drug user in the Netherlands; the 'national cuddle junk'.



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